Whats your favorite song?

Whats your favorite song?

Answer #1

ANY SONG by dope

Answer #2

A Walk Through Hell by Say Anything

Answer #3

Red Jumpsuit Apparatus - Gaurdian Angel Shut Me Up - Mindless Self Indulgence Blend In - Socratic <33333

Answer #4

keith urban- nobody love you pink- so what

Answer #5

I have sooo many but at the moment its I Kissed A Girl (REDONE!) by Attack! Attack! I can’t stand Katy Perry

Answer #6

TheMe by Ayabie Silent Eve by Sadie Marble-s by LM.C Black Tail by Vistlip Sympathia by Versailles Episode by Versailles

it’s getting harder and harder to choose just one :)

Answer #7

teardrops on my guitar by taylor swift

Answer #8

akon by be with you t.I by whatever you like brutha by she s’ gone

Answer #9

akon ,, and ,,, t.I and you

Answer #10

theres not sympathy for the dead by escape the fate a little piece of heaven by avenged sevenfold

Answer #11

Psychosocial - Slipknot Red Jumpsuit Apparatus - Face Down

Answer #12

Not Good Eough For The Truth Or Cliche ~ Escape The Fate Something~ Escape The Fate Dr. Shavargo Pt.3 ~ Attack Attack! Put Some Clothes On~ Breathe Carolina

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