Whats your favorite school subject?

Whats your favorite school subject?? Personally I hate school I just thought of a random question I could ask…

Answer #1

well when I was in school it was history or algebra

Answer #2

SCIENCE AND MATH!!! I love them their my favorite besides band and choir I’m in everything pre-ap whoot!!!

Answer #3

I love Science and Gym!

Answer #4

GRR hate them all soo much=( lol but to tell you the truth I like bein in school=) I just dont like wrk and h-wrk unless its fun lolz

Answer #5

International foods. It’s the only one I got an A from..

Answer #6

English or photography… Love them! I want to be an english teacher when I am older. Britz

Answer #7

Reading and writting class

Answer #8

I’d have to say my favorite School subject is vocabulary. I love learning new words to add to my personal dictionary. :)

Answer #9

I looove English cause I get good grades in that class and I like to read

Answer #10

chemistry! (:

Answer #11


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