girls go by how you look and not by who you are?

why do all girls go by how you look and not by who you are

Answer #1

Well, I don’t know what girls you’re hanging around but I’m nothing like that. So please don’t sterotype me.

Answer #2

Depends on the person…I am one of the few nice people in the world who doesn’t care about looks. I use to when I was younger but after my bad relationships with the “hot guys” I started dating for personality and personally from my experiences personality is way better!

Answer #3

I don’t!! I don’t wear makeup even after I did one time, people told me I look better with it on. well, good luck cause im not wearing it for you!! I haven’t worn it but twice since. I wear baggy boy clothes and people at school hate it!! they even brought my clothes to wear, which I caved for cause I love dress up!! but still, I don’t wear girly clothes just cause I look better. my personality is good enough, and if they don’t like who I am, they don’t like me at all cause I’m not changing for anyone no matter what!!:)WoooH this got me fired up!!!

Answer #4

That’s not true anymore.Money before beauty.I think so.

Answer #5

yea I don’t think it is all girls but I mean people today are shallow which is not really a good quality

Answer #6

that is a stereotype not always true

Answer #7

thus why us guys dont fight for you all girlls anymore

Answer #8

because these days everyone is shallow and only cares about the hottness factor.

Answer #9

They dont all go for looks thank you very much.. the majority of us girls do, but not all… I personally take everthing into consideration…

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