Whats the most random thing youve ever said to a telemarketer?

Lol random question

Answer #1

this is how our conversation went: ME:where do you put the muffins?[inside joke lol] THAT BIATCH:ummm…what ME:no um I just want to know you know for reference THAT BIACH:im sorry I do not understand you ME:WELL…[laughter] YOU DONT GOTTA BE SUCH A MEANIE POO POO PANTS! [click]

…does that suffice?

Answer #2

I have said

  • Do you eat dog food? *I’m naked and touchin myself or I make a noise like I’m jackin off and about to cum they usuakk just hange up
Answer #3

I just say sorry not interested but then my daughter answers the phone the most in our house and she sits there messing with them saying no speak english. Or she tells them to go somewhere and hangs up it anoys her if she is expecting a call from her friend. Teenage impatiencs.

Answer #4

hah well one time they called and I was like yes I would like a pizza and then they were like how is your cable and I was like peppers no thanks.. and then I was like wait did you say this was a chinese resturaunt and they were like hung up..

Answer #5

I usually use soundboards which contain lines from movies they’re hillarious. You should hear my message machine right now, I’ve got a whole set of lines from Arnoald Schwarzeneger movies and it really messes with people. Sometimes I’ll use Scarface or lines from Halfbaked or whatever movie makes me laugh. Just google soundboards.

Answer #6

ahahaha…I normally use a thick chinese accent and say, “sorry, me no english” then they’d be “oh, okay” and hang up!! LOL

Answer #7

good question:) I love this stuff, once my sisters and I blew a trumpet into the phone and oopps for some reason they just hung up??? hmmm…this is sort of embarrassing, and nobody knows this about me, but I can speak like a small child. it really sounds real. so sometimes I pretend like I am a liitle girl and my moms in the tub and she doesn’t know I answered the phone. they actually turn their sales voices off and talk to fme or a few seconds then tell me goodnight:) its funny.

Answer #8

It depends on my mood. Sometimes I tell them not to bother because they would be wasting their time and I don’t want them to have to go thru their whole speech. That’s when I’m in a good mood

Other times, I act like I’m interested. I act like I can’t hear good, so they have to keep repeating themselves. I ask them to hold while I get a pen. Then I ask them to hold while I get some paper. I ask them to spell everything. Eventually, they catch on and hang up angry because they were so gullible.

Answer #9

I’ve said:

do you stink? hey tom, o sorry your not tom, your mom? They hang up while im guessing who they are!! Lol

Answer #10

I told them that I liked “Barny”…,

Answer #11

one time I asked ehat color panties are you wearing. she hung up right away.

Answer #12

I’ve said, “What are you wearing?: and got immediately hung up on.

Answer #13


Answer #14

I said “Hello city morge, you kill em’ we chill.No pickups after 6”

Answer #15

I ask them a bunch of questions about whatever there selling and then like 10 minutes in when there explaining something I hang up on them

Answer #16

Heres the other way around… I used to me one of those annoying people and someone I called threatened to kill me over the phone.

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