Whats the greatst languge

Whats the greatst languege aparts from irish and english?

Answer #1

I’m going to say latin…

Answer #2


Answer #3

Irish haha its so cool cause only irish people know it haha (pog mi hone) and u’l never know what that means ha

Answer #4

french and german

Answer #5

Languge tats how I lernt 2 spell it?

Answer #6

and thats not how you spell language..haha!!

Answer #7

gaidhlig? or manx to a lesser extent (only because of my lack of knowledge so cant comment)

would that be cheating on your no irish rule?

Answer #8

irish & english arent languages?

Answer #9

Oh mucho bena haha

Answer #10


Answer #11

Spanish :D

Answer #12


Answer #13

How arnt they? We speak english so its a languge and irish or geala is our languge all do only we speak it ha its stil a languge haha (ish mt lum colein bona) lol

Answer #14


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