Whats the difference between "were and where"?

Whats the difference between “were and where”?

Answer #1

We’re is “we are” in contraction form Were is the past tense of are. Ex: “They were going to go shopping” vs. “They are going to go shopping.” Where references a place. Ex: “Where did you put my keys?” “Where was that place again?”

Answer #2

were is was in plural. where is place.

like: we were in the gym, I was in the gym and where are you now?

Does that help?

Answer #3

Look at it in these sentences:

What ‘were’ you doing?

‘Where’ are you going?

The two words are quite different.

Answer #4

Wow. Lana, I mean…wow.

Answer #5

~were is was in plural~

Not always - It’s also past indicative/ second person singular

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