Whats the cutest way someone told you they loved you?

Mine was, I had never been given a rose before from a guy, I was saying about it so my friend who I slept overs house he woke me up at 6am to whatch the sun rize and wrote on a roses stem “I love you Ellie. “

I was like AWWW!

Whats yours?

Answer #1

to me, and is my curent lady now, she said it to me, in the rain, and I mean pouring, in the middle of the road, at night. to me that was the cutest way.

Answer #2

I was having the worst day at work, everything was going wrong, and in my lunch break my boyfriend called to chat for a while, I told him I was having the worst day, he suddenly said he had to go (he was at work too) an hour or so later he walks into my work, (at the time I worked as a cashier in a supermarket) he walks up to my till, which had a que of people, with the biggest bunch of flowers I had ever seen, leant over my till, kissed me, tells me he loves me and then walks out again before going back to work himself.

Answer #3

I love when my boyfriend says he loves me while we’re kissing. its so cute :)

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