What's the best kind of toothpaste for yellow teeth?

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You may also want to consider whitening applications - I read an article recently where they said these are effective if you use them consistantly over about a 6 week period - they have the same ingredient as the expensive whiteners just in a small amount...Good luck !!

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It's either crest or colgate that has a whitening toothpaste in a blue tube... whichever it is it works really good, no need to use the whitening strips if you buy that. It's a little more expensive than regular toothpaste but it works good.

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I read that toothpaste isn't going to help really whiten your teeth. A girl did a project on this and she found that the crest strips worked the best, also I've heard that the Listerine Whitening Mouthwash works well.

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Try different varieties of toothpaste and test to see what happens or use a whitening strip remember use what you think will work not what sounds good:)

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I'm not sure which toothpaste but colgate works well.
Or AquaFresh Whitening.

There is also loads of mouthwashes you can buy at supermarkets and chemists which work well.

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