Whats that internet game called?!?!

I can’t figure out the name of this game!! Okay its on the internet and there’s levels with pictures and you have to click something to get to the next level. Ex:

  1. there’s elephants crossing and you have to wait for them all to pass then you can click.
  2. theres a yellow screen with different color circles and you have to find them [I think theres also water dripping or something..?]
  3. there’s some exploding bomb thing…

Other things about it:

  1. sometimes theres like 4 choices, and you have to pick one. They are the most random things ever and they dont even make sense, you just have to memorize the answers. [ex: chicken sandwich, etc.]
  2. theres name of this game and name of this game 2

Please please please help me think of this its driving me insane and I love this game :)

Thanks so much :)

Answer #1

omg thank you so much!!! :D

Answer #2

I love those

Answer #3

the impossible quiz! or the impossible quiz 2. (tell me if im right.)

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