What's a "social worker"?

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There are many types of social workers. Some work to protect children. Some work to help low-income families. What type are you talking about?

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the one with children

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A Child Social Worker helps children, as well as their families, to improve the quality of their family life by providing services such as counseling and researching other family resources. Along with improving a child's family life, child social workers also seek to assist students with their academic pursuits. Some parents will hire a Child social worker to help them tame their children if they are "wild child"s as some say. Hope this is what you were looking for :D

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okay thanks :)

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A soical worker is a person how helps people that is in need of help like battered women or neglected childern

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It depends, there are all kinds.
Like a school social worker is like a councelor at school, some protect kids, others adults, other help people with money and things they need and all.
So it all depends what kind of social worker your talking about.

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Social workers are people that work in a service oriented environment, based on helping others.
However, there is always a demand for them,
they do not get paid very well unless you become a professional.

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