Whats real about reality tv?

answer, that its on tv..

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Answer #2

Did you just answer your own question? And reality t.v. for 90% of it is scripted. Unless its something like American Idol. But I am inclined to think the judges follow some sort of outline.

Answer #3

The judge thing is true. Simon is pretty much paid because he’s mean to contestants in a witty way, and endearing when it comes to real talent. He can really pick ‘em, but if he weren’t as rude as he is sometimes, he’d be out of a job.

Answer #4

it’s on tv?

and nothing

Answer #5

guess its worded as a question… had to be there i guess when i yelled that full blast at the tv.

Answer #6

Generally, lots and lots of film is shot, and then the producers cut and trim the footage to make the part you see on TV. You do not see everything - and most of it would be boring to watch anyway. Most is not actually scripted, but the participants know that without drama, there would be no show, so they go for the drama.

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