What's the Best Movie of 2011 so far?

Answer #1

I would say Just go with it or green hornet I loved both like soooo much they were awesome!

Answer #2

definitly gneomeo and juliet so funny and sweet <3

Answer #3

i agree

Answer #4

It depends on the genre, this is my opinion on the best movies that have came out as of 3/20/2011: Children: Mars Needs Moms Action: I Am Number Four Romantic Comedy: Just Go With It Adult Comedy: Hall Pass Mystery/Action: Limitless This is according to the trailers and the movies I have seen.

Answer #5

I loved Big Momma’s Three. Funniest movie I’ve ever seen, especially if you liked the other two and have a good sense of humor.

Answer #6

Yes to The Green Hornet, no to Just Go With It.

Answer #7

Hall Pass was hilarious!

Answer #8

Oh I liked it a lot, better than Green Hornet

Answer #9

I owuld say, Paul and Hall passs they were both very hilarious XD

Answer #10

yes it was sooo funny :)

Answer #11

i loved Just Go With It!

Answer #12

No Strings Attached was really good :) Black Swan was amazing too, but I think that may have been out last year in the USA?

I agree with Hall Pass and Gnomeo and Juliet too.

Answer #13

I’d say for me it’s either Rango or The Lincoln Lawyer :)

Answer #14

i don’t hate it, it’s just eh.

Answer #15

I haven’t seen much, but I did see Red Riding Hood twice. The music was unbelievable and the guys were to die for.!

Answer #16

either Fast Five or Transformers or Hangover Part 2. i know they didnt come out yet, but yeah they most likely will be the best.

Answer #17

The mechanic by Jason Statam, Takers,

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