What's the morning after pill?

Answer #1

It’s a medication that does a whole lot of things (including disrupting ovulation and preventing fertilization) in order to prevent pregnancy after sex and there was no contraceptive use.

Answer #2

so basically people can have unprotected sex then the girl takes the pill and she cant get pregnant?

Answer #3

*smacks head repeatedly against wall. You cannot use it as a birth control for many reasons. 1. It is very expensive. You’re looking at shelling out over $50 for that one dose. 2. It is a HUGE concentration of hormones. Which means many girls have side effects and it generlly throws your hormones into a whack for a couple of weeks. 3. It does not always work. Depending on how long after the sex it’s effectiveness reduces over time. 4. It does not prevent STDs. 1 in 4 teens have an STD. That’s a huge percent. If you don’t know all of this, you shouldn’t be having sex.

Answer #4

okay no need to be so mean. i didn’t plan on using it okay, i don’t go running around having unprotected sex either, i was just curious about what it was… i hear people talking about it but i never knew what it was. what i said is what you made it sound to be, excuse me.

Answer #5

It’s a pill that say, if you had unprotected sex by mistake or you were raped and you feared you might have fallen pregnant you can get one and it will immediately kill the fetilized egg. However, it shouldn’t be taken advantage of or be used frequently.

Answer #6

I think what you’re looking for is birth control. The birth control doesn’t protect against std’s but it tend to prevent pregnancy. You can get it from planned parenthood pretty easily. All you have to do is go over there and ask for it, same for cond*ms.

Answer #7

oh, no I dont want any of that I was just wondering what it was lol

Answer #8

Its expensive as shiz is what it is!

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