Is love even true anymore?

well after being in love with a girl for over a year and a half I dont know what it is anymore cause she kinda is ignoring me and goes and parties without me now and never invites me and shes been being a bit ch and I dont know why and im starting to just not like her but yet I’ve loved her for so long and I still do im just not sure if love is even true anymore like I cant see myself with anyone else and I couldnt stand seeing her with someone else im just in a glass case of emotion ( that was from anchor man if anyone saw that movie) should I dump her or stay with her help me

Answer #1

Sounds like she is fading away from you. Yes, love is true, but it seems you havent found yours just yet! Remember, if its really TRUE LOVE, it will last forever!

Answer #2

well if u have 2 quistion (srry i cnt spell) yur love maybe its best u do move on i was in the same position earlier this year and my bf was goin 2 parties 2 cheat on me he used my and i truly did love him but one day he told me wat he had done and said he never loved me and i was a waste of space and time then broke up with me p.s. i saw anchor man that was a funny movie :)

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