Whats so great about the "iphone" ?

Well Im just wondering what the hell is soooo great about the iPhone?! Where I live there about 450 euro up to 550 euro?! A couple of my "rich" friends have them and they dont seem to be that great. I know you can go on the internet and all but thats only if your near a modem or wireless internet or sumthing??! :/ Please answer! :D

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They are like portable computers, they're new, and of course...that makes them popular. :]
They're just better than other phones in my opinion.

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well , most people get it because everyone has it and it`s suppose too be so cool it has more stuff than other thing bu i like my phone better .

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It gives you an opportunity to "jailbreak" your own property- which is very satisfying might I add. Other than that the iphone is generally an excellent multi purpose hand held computer (so long as you use it exactly as Apple dictates it) and is generally well designed both from software and hardware - other than the snafu with the antenna of the iphone 4 release.
In short if your normal usage falls in with what Apple has decided it is better than many other phones for functionality and flashiness. If you want to push what you can do you should look elsewhere.

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On the same wave as you Allison. What is so special about the iphone apart from people all over the world going out of their way to purchase one. LG already had some fo the features the iphone had so I do not understand what the 'ho hum' is all about. The only good thing about the iphone is being able to record a port of the song when you hear it on the radio and get the name of the song and artist, whilst driving and then going to youtube to watch or download the songs afterwards.

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I think it's becase it's from apple, and that alone gives a lot of people a smugg feeling of superiority to other non iPhone users.

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apple invented man and after invented the world.

but if man was invented before the world what the bloody hell did we walk on...

youll have to ask apple iphone 5.

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It is simply the best thing I've ever bought. There is nothing it can't do! I have had an iPhone since three months after the release of the original. Moved up through every new release and now the iPhone 4. Quite honestly it will change your life. I can not say one bad thing about it at all, and I am not some apple groupie. This is actually the first apple/Mac device I've ever owned.

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