Whats a good example of juxtaposition in poetry?

And explain why please :)

Answer #1

Here is an example of juxtaposition poetry, I found it on an amazing site online for poetry because I only write other forms of poetry. So here is the best answer I could find for you. Hope this helps.

• Juxtaposition ~ noun [1.] An act or instance of placing close together or side by side opposing objects or ideas, esp. for comparison or contrast. [2.] The state of being close together or side by side.

I thoroughly hate loving you.

Your heart is a perfectly-carved stone; Set deep into your chest, soft as granite.

I grip you gently with angels’ claws; Icy breath scorching your warm, shivering skin.

Your hard topaz eyes shimmer liquidly; Evaporating my soul with their numbing heat.

Together we fall upwards, drowning in the very air that whistles past our entwined, separate bodies.

Your moist lips deliver a dry kiss upon mine; I can live neither with nor without you, my sweet oxymoron.

You and I;

  A perfect juxtaposition.
Answer #2

Thanks so much! Which website is this?

Answer #3

www(dot)greatwriting(dot)co(dot)uk amazing poetry site!

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