Whats your favorite tv comedy show?

For me it would be The office and How i met your mother. What is yours? I just want to know what people are into these days.

Answer #1

George Lopez is hella funny(:

Answer #2

there an old series show its called (acording to jim)its so funny

Answer #3

lol that one is funny!

Answer #4

yea alot

Answer #5

i remember i saw an episode about his neighbor and jim didnt like each other and she wrote childrens books about him that one was funny

Answer #6

theses days, last days 50 years in teh future my fave comedy show will always be only fools and horses.

Answer #7


Answer #8

erm south park lee evans lee somidks good news and others but forgot te names

Answer #9

I love Absolutely Fabulous, The Vicar of Dibley.

Answer #10

Haha Only fools and horses is great!

Answer #11

I havent heard of that show

Answer #12

you havent lived

Answer #13


Answer #14

Omg i LOVE that show! xD

Answer #15

Everybody hates Chris…funny stuff man xD

Answer #16

2 and a half MEN!!!!

Answer #17

2 and a half MEN!!!!

Answer #18

My brother loves that show =)

Answer #19

Omg i love that show! xD So funny!

Answer #20

omg i absolutely LOVE THAT SHOW TOO!! Especially chris’ teacher she is so dumb lol

Answer #21

lol. i need to look it up then

Answer #22

I know right? Too funny! I love Chris’s parents so much too xD

Answer #23

LOL!!! yeah. i agree

Answer #24

Modern Family!!!

Answer #25

The Mighty Boosh :]

Answer #26

I just love a lot of the standup segments, there is a good be of talent out there.

Answer #27

good show.

Answer #28

Frankie boyles new show:D

Answer #29

oh god no…hes a disgrace in my opinion…the joke about the cancer patients being sponsered was horrible :|

Answer #30

i find him funny.

Answer #31

i find him funny.

Answer #32

& How i met your mother! hella funny.

Answer #33

yea i know this one is so funny

Answer #34

Tosh.o or dimitri martin all the way or even mad tv

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