What's your favorite class?

Answer #1

Spanish, cosmetology, and musical theatre.

Answer #2

I loved ceramics class it was so much fun.

Answer #3

I love Contempary Music :)

Answer #4

My human services class. :) We learn about our future and better understanding of life. It’s more of a use your brain type class instead of work. I love it! It’s really helping me prepare for my future and career & everything.

Answer #5

I have a love/hate relationship with all three of my subjects :L English Literature is probably my preference =].

Answer #6

English and Orchestra!

Answer #7

At the moment, biology. And drawing.

Answer #8


Answer #9

Any class but counting (math )

Answer #10

French and Spanish :D

Answer #11

My favorite class is xiii

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Answer #12
Answer #13

I like art… it’s more fun n’ there’s no right or wrong answers. n’ it’s relaxin’ too.

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