Whats the most exotic place you have ever been with friends or bf/gf?

Answer #1

My guy wants to take me mountain climbing, camping and to an opera show. I consider that exotic compared to what i normally do(school or movies).

Answer #2

hiking and camping ill say was a lil diffrent than just movies and what not:)

Answer #3

Caving.lol. In a cave that isn’t known to the public. Took us 8 hours. I would call that exotic. The mount aux sources chain ladder route would also count as the top for me, together with the tugela valley hike we did. I did it all with my boyfriend.

Answer #4

img. thats amazing! I look forward to doing that one summer with my boyfriend. Was it right there in South Africa?

Answer #5

Beach and ice skating rink (and maybe other things), both in California and I had never really been to either of them. All with my boyfriend :) There’s also some attraction type things here in Vegas NV (where I live at the moment) that I took him to that you would normally not see, like Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay (it’s technically a hotel and c@sino I think) …

Answer #6

The mount aux sources and tugela valley one was. The cave is also. You can check out the exploration society of south africa (essa - small letters). They have a caving club, but you’ll have to start with easier caves.

Answer #7

Oh and you can also do caving in America I believe, you have some of the largest cave, but I have no idea where you could ask about that.

Answer #8

Cool caves in New Zealand, at night with glowing worms and no one else there and,. it was, um, great.

Answer #9

that sound’s great. Cool guy.

Answer #10

thx :)

Answer #11

cant believe i never heard of this hobby. My boyfriend will flip out lol

Answer #12


Answer #13

Shanghai Zoo (http://funadvice.com/r/buu0r5qhahb. Last summer, I spend a week with my girlfriends in Shanghai of China, where we see lots of animals, including monkeys, elephants, tigers and lions, and all of these make us happy for a long time.

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