Whats cuter hair in your opinion?

I have natural curly hair and its cute sometimes but I dont really like it but everyone else does :/ and I usually straighten it… My hair is about to my neck bone (the ones that pops out before your boobs) so what I am trying to say is what looks better for my legnth in hair?? How should I wear it???

Answer #1

That would be your collar bone(and it is very easy to break, so be careful). I have the same problem as you. Sometimes I like my hair curly and sometimes I straighten it. It all depends on my mood. I’ve been wearing mine curly lately, and everyone seems to love it! so, I guess curly(btw my hair is about the same length as yours).

Answer #2

I have the same exact problem just were it different everyoncein a while like I will straighten my hair every day then I will leave it curly a day the week after

Answer #3

In my opinion I think curly for sure, my mate has the same length and she looks smokin LOL oh and that bone is the Collar bone lol

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