Whats better (cheaper) walmart or target??

Answer #1

I think Walmart is cheaper but only by a few cents. I think Target just has better quality stuff

Answer #2

Target really isn’t that cheap, if you’re looking for better deals on food go to wal-mart. Though target even though slightly more expensive has some fresh clothes, more expensive then wal-mart but definitely a lot nicer. But for groceries or really anything except clothes I’d say wal-mart.

Answer #3

Also, for the record if you wanna save some major money in the long run get a Sam’s membership or costco and buy in bulk. You’ll save tons.

Answer #4

Walmart…..woot woot

Answer #5

Waltmart is cheaper :)

Answer #6

Target’s stuff is usually better quality that Walmart when it comes to things where there is a difference in quality like clothes, food etc. Where its all the same quality like in toys and electronics, their prices are about the same. Target also has better selection in most departments than Wal-mart. Targets stores tend to be cleaner and better organized too. It’s just a better store.

Really, neither store has the best produce for the money. The best place to go for food is still the grocery store. In our area, Food 4 Less and Vons (Safeway) are the best places for low-price food

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