What's the name of Adele new album?

Answer #1

The last album she released was called 21.

Answer #2

I don’t think she has a name for it yet. But she knows what songs she’s putting on there :)

Answer #3

The last album she released was 21. The songs were : 1.”Rolling in the deep” 2.”Rumor has it” 3.”Turning Tables” 4.”Set fire to rain” 5.”Don’t you remember” 6.”He won’t go” 7.”Take it all” 8.”Love song” 9.”One and only” 10.”I’ll be waiting” Her newest album she said she knows what songs will be in it and she thinks they’re really good cause she took the time to write them.. but she doesn’t have a name for it yet

Answer #4

yeah) i like it

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