Whats a good song to dedicate to my boyfriend?

Whats a good song to dedicate to my boyfriend!? :) help pleaseee.

Answer #1

You and Me by Lifehouse Stickwitu by The Pussycat Dolls

…those were me and my ex boyfriends songs. But I agree with the first answer, you should pick songs that’s special between the both of you. because the first song I listed was the first slow dance we ever had and the second was playing when he first said I love you.

Answer #2

Uhhh… the POINT of a dedication, is that the song has personal meaning TO YOU and/or the person you’re dedicating it to. Its not just some random song a stranger on the Internet recommended.

Answer #3

spanish songs like: -tony dize=solos -alex ubago & amaia montero=sin miedo a nada -n’klabe & rakim/ken y= si ya no estas

english songs like: -asher book= try -brooke hogan= hey oh! -jordin sparks= no air

Answer #4

All My Life by K-Ci and JoJo is a good one:)

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