Whats a good nickname for 'colton'?

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my name is Colton and people call me Cody I like it my parents even call me that lol it sticks

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its pretty short so its hard to find a nickname

What are good nicknames for "Heather"?

ANSWER #3 of 10

coltonyy!! ^_^ lol. jk. ^_^ umm, I just call my colton colton... lol. he doesnt have a nickname... well, I didnt giv him one yet... lol

What's a good nickname for a boy named matt?
ANSWER #4 of 10

CLT, I don't know why I thought of that but those three letters are in his name, it kind of looks like a country abbreviation so I think that's the best

good nicknames for a guy named cody?

ANSWER #6 of 10

colon jk jk

What's a good nickname for Jennifer?

ANSWER #7 of 10

Cotton :P

What are some good nicknames for rachel?
ANSWER #8 of 10

cole? lol I dunno

What is a good nickname for austin?

ANSWER #9 of 10

I call my friend colton, cole.

What's a good nickname for alyssa?
ANSWER #10 of 10

p94 or ak47

Whats a good nickname for leah?

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