What's a good movie to go see this weekend?

I’ve been pretty busy with work, and was wondering what is showing at the theaters these days…Have you seen a good movie lately? What was it?

I have tons of DVDs but I want to see something new and GOOD.

Thanks, Kimmie

Answer #1

Just seen Cloverfield today - if you’re into movies that will scare you, its Highly Recommended. I really was hoping I could see Sweeny Todd but it’s not out in the cinema’s here in NZ yet :(

Answer #2

Wow…thanks everyone…first I didn’t know what was out, and now I don’t know which one to go to because I have so many choices. You guys are great!

Answer #3

I Am Legend

Answer #4

Well, thats the whole point…I’ve been pretty busy at work, and I don’t know what’s out. I was depending on you good people to enlighten me. Which you have. Thanks! :)

Answer #5

um sweeny todd, nation teasure 2, alvin and the chimpmunks!! watever! also if you dont make it to the movies then you can just rent a movie!! :):):):):):):):):) ;) ;)

Answer #6

Thanks! I have seen the previews to Sweeney Todd on TV. What the premise of that movie about?

Also I heard Game Plan with The Rock might be good.

Any more suggestions guys?

Answer #7

Thanks everyone…I had forgotten about 27 dresses!

What is St. Trinians??

Answer #8

the movie 27 dresses comes out this friday. it looks really good, so that could be a good movie to see this weekend. also the movie the bucket list is really good too.

Answer #9

My fiance drug me to go see I Am Legand, AND I LOVED IT. The bucket list was good. I want to see Sweeny Todd.

Answer #10

hey you should go see the eye I really want to see that if you go you have to tell me if its good

Answer #11

st trinians , I am legend (amazing very sad tho)

Answer #12

Game Plan was funny, not the best movie on earth, but it was humerous enough…

I’ve heard atonement was really good…

Answer #13

I loved Sweeney Todd! If you can get a DVD, I recomend The Simpsons Movie. (have fun!!!) ~~Plainwhitets

Answer #14

National Treasure 2 is great. We made a family outing of it a couple of weeks back.

Answer #15

go to movies.com

Answer #16

Wow, looks like I have some good ones to choose from, thanks!

Answer #17

I think you shud watch st.trinians

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