whats a good book?

heyyy I just finished a book&its called Wake and I was just wondering what is another good book? Cause the sequil (is that how you spell it?) isn’t coming untill somtime in Febuary& I need something else to read.

Answer #1

twilight. new moon. eclipse. breaking dawn. =stephanie meyer

the pact =jodi picoult

Answer #2

The Tony Hawks series. He is a comedian and his 5 books are about stupid things he’s done because of drunken bets. The best 4 are called:

Round Irreland With a Fridge Playing The Moldovans at Tennis One Hit Wonderland A Piano in the Pyrenees

Answer #3

uhmm… kinda like Mystery/Drama/Murder books? But,really anything thats intresting.

Answer #4

what are you into?

Answer #5

the giver by lois lowry

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