What your Favorite Breakfast?

what your favorite healthy and non healthy breakfast?? like pancakes, eggs, cereals, bagels with cream cheese etc.

I like oatmeal or cheerios as healthy. and french toast and ihop pancakes and crepes as not so good for me.

Answer #1

I love cerial such as Grapenuts, and the synamond toast crunch, and Yogurt. For non Healthy breakfast, Sausages, crapes too, Bacon, eggs, Pancakes, and I love HashBrowns.

Answer #2

The only breakfast food I like is cereal.

Answer #3

Toast with bacon and eggs…

Answer #4

scrambled eggs, fried plantain, pancakes, honey nut cherrios and milk, bagels and cream chesse…

Mhmm. I’m hungry!

Answer #5

My favorite unhealthy breakfast is a couple very soft poached eggs over dry wheat toast, a big plate full of hash or pan fried potatoes, a bowl of grits, a tall glass of ice cold freshly squeezed grapefruit juice, a slice of apple pie, and coffee hot, strong, and black.

My usual reasonably healthy breakfast is a cup of miso soup and a couple pieces of fruit.

Answer #6

Full English

Answer #7

turkey sausages with scrambled eggs made by my dad. my dad makes the best scrambled eggs.

Answer #8

French toast is mii all time fave,bagels with cream cheese,and eggs with homefries and bacon :D mmm

Answer #9

pancakes and corned beef hash with toast

Answer #10


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