Whats your fav movie

Jw what everyones favorite movie is I am bored and I might want to watch a movie

Answer #1

The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants =]

Answer #2
  1. disturbia
  2. one missed call
  3. strangers (not sure if its out)
  4. prom night (not sure if its out)
Answer #3

I kinda liked Distrubia, too :/ bhaah that crash scene at the beqinninq was ILL.!!! &and then there’s always Wood. :]

Answer #4

I agree with heyjay2 about musicals

My favorite movie is ‘The Jerk’ with Steve Martin.

Answer #5
  1. juno 2.jurney to the center of the earth 3D (not out yet)
  2. I am ledgend
Answer #6

yeah those are good to.

Answer #7

ughhh…HATE highschool musical. couldn’t get through the first 10 mins ehhh. all the smiling and singing. ergghhh.

Answer #8

I loved juno but my favorite is high school musical 1

Answer #9

majority votes yes.

Answer #10

Hate Juno :D but love Friday… definitely a classic.<3

Answer #11

junos good. classic. :]

Answer #12

so I should watch juno

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