What year do some teens start having sex?

Do “it”. Like if they hve a boyfriend, how long do they wait to have it. I mean some probably dont, but the ones that do, how long do you/they wiat to have it..

Answer #1

All teens are differnt , But when they do have sex I hope they are being safe and are doing it because they want to not because they feel they have to. well if I can help you with any thing else feel free to fun mail me. Yours truly, Demika Ray

Answer #2

well I am 19 and have been seeing my boyfriend for about 5 months and have not done it yet. I wanted to feel comfortable enough around him and sexually. I happily participate in oral sex and foreplay and will move on very soon but every1 is different , some people relax with a guy/girl quicker than others. Some people are more emotional about their first time with someone especially if its their first time altogether. A lot of young people feel pressured to get it out of the way which is a bit silly as when you have matured a bit more you realise its YOUR choice and it is true that it is worth waiting. I dont mean you need to put it off till marriage lol but just wait until you dont question if its right. wait until you are ready. All depends on the personality and maturity of the person as to when they have sex with there partner. On average I think teens wait a few months which is perfectly acceptable if it is your first time..and a good idea!

Answer #3

I’ve been with my boyfriend for 4years but I knew him since I was 2years old. I waited 14years to finally fuc him haha but a normal guy I usally wait a couple of months like 6? and I lost it pretty youngg

Answer #4

My friend did her boyfriend after 9 months. I personally not into having sex while still this young (we about 15)

Answer #5

5 or 7 months

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