Should I still go out with him?

if someone you really loved was… ok let me start over. I really like someone, lets call him, Sniper (hahaha luv that name… anyway.). , I reall ylike sniper but we are part of twso diffrent worlds. a lot of my friends hate him becase they don’t know him but the ones that know him are begging me to go out with him cause they love him and they think we are perfect. I really want to go out with him and he asked me out but I can’t help but feeling a little, I dunno unhappy with him because someone doesn’ tlike him and they say stuff that makes me feel really negative, but I’m really crazy about him… would you still go out with him and if so why?

Answer #1

la16love is right…follow you HEART…because in the end you have your heart but your friends will come and go. if you like the guy…date him REAL friends wouldn’t mind and should accept him unless he is abusive

Answer #2

I think that you should go out with him! do what every your heart wants.. Don’t let stupid people let you what to do.. Do what you feel you have to do to make yourself happy. If your friends don’t like him then that’s ok but that dose not mean they can’t be your friends anymore. if they don’t like him then tough. You do so your friends should respect that. and for the people who say bad things about that guy just igonre them…It will be hard but try your best. if your crazy about this guy then be will him

What ever makes you happy, go for it. good luck and hope I helped!

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