What...would you read this book?

Ok so im writing a book…

Its called Within the demons eye Its about jennifer and her boyfriend rafeal .. Rafeal is slowly turning into a demon while shes becoming somthing she never knew but someone haunts her dreams and calls her ‘’blood muffin.’’

Thats my breif summary

Answer #1

I think it sounds like it has good beginnings, but it does need more of a summery. Your present one is to brief to really form an opinion.

Answer #2

The summary seems too brief and unorganized to formulate an opinion on for me. In general I like reading all kinds of books so I might read this, but it would have to be more detailed and such.

Answer #3

Well I personally don’t like Fantasy books, but it sounds like something people would read. I guess it sounds interesting, I’d give it a wing.

Answer #4

I’d read that lol. im writing a story too. About fantasy ofcourse. You should keep going

Answer #5

blood muffin? sounds naughty

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