What if you found out your boyfriend has herpes?

What would you do if you found out a guy you liked had herpes??? My best friend just found out that her boyfriend(they didnt do any thing)!!! neways she just found out that he had herpes, well he didnt tell her but his friend did... What do you think she should do? She says she really likes him, and it may not b true, but then again it could be and its HERPES!! is there neway to tell 4 sure?

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sikashimer I think we should change your username to "Dr sikashimer. All things sexual" your like the god of all sexual things and are even teaching me new things when I read your answers and im 31. Good on ya girl.

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I would finish the relationship.

Herpes and boyfriend
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Remember, a person can catch herpes from having sex just once in their life.

It does not make them a bad person or mean that they sleep around. You really need to speak to your guy as he may have planned to tell you before you both got down to sex.

Lets be honest, this is not an easy thing for someone to tell their partner. Especially if they really love the person and are afraid that it may drive them away.

However, had you already have had unprotected sex with him (and he had not told you) I would have suggested that you cut off his testicles and staple them to his forehead!

Talk to him about it before making a final decision.


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Thankfully we have drugs now a days to help prevent someone with herpes from spreading it to their partner. -However it is something that needs to be laid out on the table straight out. An STD or STI is nothing to be coy about, if he plans on having sexual relations he needs to speak up to help protect her.

Certainly she should be cautious - as anyone should with a new partner. You always should make sure a new partner is clean -rumor or not. And of course, use protection accordingly.


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She needs to find out for sure, some people are immature and like to make those types of things up. If they are dating they should be able to communicate about things so that shouldn't be a problem. Its not very often you can physically tell if someone has an STD, it takes time. So, its not like she could just look and find out, know what I mean?
She needs to find out from him before anything, if he says "no", don't be sure. Before they do anything she needs to go to the doctor with him to get tested so she is 100% sure, this is really serious and needs to be taken seriously. If she doesn't want to go with him to get tested and find out, then they shouldn't have sex yet till they reach that stage in their relationship. If he says he already got tested, then get him to show her the papers. Tell her DO NOT have sex till she has gone with him to get tested, she may regret it later if she doesn't.

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