Would model agencies choose someone who has eczema?

Hi, I'm 15 years old, and my biggest passion modeling. It's my absolute dream and it has been since I was very young. Now I've decided I really want to start pursuing this dream and start making this dream come true. I'm 5'9, 125 pounds, so I think I meet the measurements just about, but theres just one thing standing between myself and my dream: I have eczema. Eczema is a skin problem, kind of like a bad rash. I've had it since I was 4 months old and I've suffered because of it. Now, its gotten so much better compared to how it was just 2 years ago. I feel like its restricting me to accomplish this dream, but I really refuse to give it up. If I try, do you think I would even be considered? Or is that a definite No-No in the fashion world? Just gimme the cold hard truth, if thats what it is..

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I doubt they would take you.
Eczema is too much for the modeling world because, well it acts up with just about everything.
Being a model you have to cover yourself in makeup, lotions, perfumes ETC.
If you break out in a rash they will lose money and time, and that just doesn't fly with them.
Its VERY unlikely that they'll take you, sorry :(

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If you aren't already, you could get medication for it.
Eczema comes around because of dry skin, moisturize with moisturizer that is gentle and won't affect the rash. Drink lots of water, and eat healthy foods.

You said it was worse 2 years ago? It could be getting better. My sister used to get Eczema as a baby, she is 13 now and doesn't have it at all. You can grow out of it. It just may take longer to grow out of it for you compared to other people.

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I really don't want to start anything, but you guys are unfortunately all wrong. :/ models CAN have eczema. and actually there's a famous model who had eczema too, and she tried a solution and it all went away. Look for yourself. (Sorry i'm kinda late) http://www.skinmagazine.co.uk/defensil-stopped-eczema-spoiling-beths-modelling-career That's the website , good luck girl ! :D

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