What would make it better for her?

Yesterday my girlfriend put my hand on her boob while we were making out and that was the first time we ever did that and we were planning on doing that again..I was just wondering what would make it feel good for her because I was just holding my hand there not like squeezing or anything because I didnt want to hurt her or be disrespectful..so what should I do so she likes it and it feels good for her?

And I dont mean like grope the hell out of her..and Im staying outside of her shirt...

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I like for my boyfriend to squeeze my breasts a little, not hard, massage them, especially around my nipples. He is seriously turned on by the sound of my heartbeat (and I am by his), so we both enjoy him resting his head between my breasts, listening to my heart, and commenting on how it sounds--try that. He always tells me how close he feels to me when he listens to my heart, and I feel the same way when I listen to his. Try those things, and it won't be long before both of you will change your minds about staying on the outside of her shirt;-)

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well...try gently massaging her breast...you can still keep your hand outside of her shirt, listen for her to make a sound if you do something that makes her happy...she'll let you know.

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