Is it wrong to look at other boys whe your in love

Srry had to put the what so it would let me ask it.. Is it wrong to look at other boys whe your in love…and think they are cute, and would be with them if you were single…but then you see the person you love and you remember all the reasons why you are so happy

Answer #1

well you can look but that whole thing about you would be with them if you were single stuff is a little concerning, sure the guy might be hot but you shouldn’t be getting those thoughts just from someone’s looks, you know?

Answer #2

Well… I think it is wrong!! If you are in love with someone…you should focus on them!!! Just MY opinion

Answer #3

I dont no… I mean, if your in love, then your in”Love”. Your totally committed to that person and that person only… Dont you feel kinda guilty for looking at other guys… I mean I guess you can look and stuff, but I dont no I guess that kind of defeats the purpose of being in love.

Answer #4

No it isnt wrong. Anyone who says they dont look is lying. Yes, sorry but he looks too. It’s ok. You’re in a relationship, not dead. Just dont touch, and think of it this way, it helps remind you to appreciate what you’ve got.

Answer #5

just remember looking isnt touching. its fine to sneak a peak, he probably does too. But if you love him, looking at others wont matter.

Answer #6

Its not wrong as long as your just looking xD

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