Would a dark grey eyeshadow look good with green eyes?

So I’m going to be attending this party this Saturday. It’s a Quinceañera so it’s going to be a huge party. Anyways I’m wearing this black dress which I’m planning to do like a smokey eye with since the party is going to take place in the evening time. My natural eye color is brown but I have green contact lenses at the moment that I’m going to wear for the party. For my eye makeup I wanted to do like a dark gray charcoal color for the eyeshadow. Do you think that would look okay with green eyes? Thanks!

Answer #1

It depends on how you apply it.

A little around the lashes can really accent the green of the contacts, but if you plan on using it as the main colour, then you’ll end up looking like a depressed raccoon.

Perhaps pair it with another more vibrant colour (light pink or blue).

Answer #2

I have green eyes myself and have realized that greys don’t necessarily make them stand out. a good color to make greens pop is purple. also:browns and blacks to make my eyes stand out when I go out I usually apply eyeliner and both top and bottom and go over my mascara a few more coats or you can apply false eyelashes. the dark colors give eyes a smaller appearance and long lashes open the eye up more. hope this helps goodluck(:

Answer #3

I also have green eyes and I looveee experimenting with eye-shadows and different shades of colors. I say go for it, I personally think it will make the green of your eyes pop out, like the one girl said it really does depend on how you put it on tho, I would say… On the inner corners of your eyes put a shimmery white then take a medium grey and put that towards the middle part of your eyelid then as you go out use a darker grey at the ends and make small wings not very big. Almost like a smokey look. When your putting on the shadow I really think that you should almost use it like an eyeliner, like make it thick enough that you can see the color but not so high up on your eyelids that you look like a raccoon er like you havent got enough sleep. Here’s a picture. I hope this helps! Good Luck(:

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