Do most women like eating out other women?

Do most women like to be eaten out by other women?

Just wondering about the percentages of women who do.

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Ell: If you aren't actually into women it is only appealing for it's physical pleasure, but it can be very enjoyable if you are completely comfortable with your sexuality. If it is comparing a first few times doing it girl to a first few times doing it guy, then technically probably going to be much better than most of anything that the guy could do for you because she already knows her way around and which doors to knock on and which to let alone. However, if you're with either for a while they'll both learn your signs pretty thoroughly, so it's the best bet to go with the one that you're attracted to. Fooling around with girls when you don't actually like girls can be allright because it's the same fun without the deeper feelings. There can be some super nice moments where you're thinking wow, if only you had a penis, but the appeal doesn't go any further than that unless you're lesbian.

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Well I would say a good percentage wouldn't mind getting eatin out but only about 1/5 or less would actually do it. And if they did do it they wouldn't enjoy it that much. My wife is actually hardcore bi. I didn't believe it until I saw it but most women claim that they are bi just find other women sexy and somewhat just play around with other women but like a guy to be there.

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I dont know but I would give and receive and nowadays most women and men are more liberal to doing such things so I say a lot

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it's personal preferance.

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I guess its just preferance..
Most chicks love it.. I do ;)

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