What will you do if you get bored?

What will you do if you get bored?

Answer #1

I’d listen to music, play games, tease my brother(haha,kidding) , talk to my friend on the phone, watch a movie in the dark w/ popcorn, make a video and post it on youtube, or simply play scary maze, ha!! Anyway, it depends on my mood. I usually don’t do active stuff when I’m lazy.

Answer #2

Dont listen 2 goofy MLTURNER. you can ask whatever you feel like!! LOL!!

 I usally play w/ my DS or go outside 2 the pool and sometimes ride my bike or invite a friend over.
Answer #3

instead of asking silly questions, get a job and stay off the computer. Find something to do that is not hurting you or anyone else. its that simple and easy. and if you are in school then study go to college and then get a job.

Answer #4

coreograph dances… listen to music… write poems… take photos… call a friend… text… draw… ice skate if I can lol… uuuh I don’t know haha

Answer #5


Answer #6

listen to music, dance, exercize… draw… go outside and get wet. watch tv… I don’t know, what ever I feel like doing

Answer #7

If I get bored I play a games like bratz games. It gives me more fun and I enjoyed a lot.

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