What will happen if I crack my joints?

About 2 months ago I started to crack my joints (especially my knuckles). I heard that it is bad, but why? and what could happen? and if possible could you please give some advice on how to stop cracking my joints. Thanx for your advice guys :)

Answer #1

I heard from the doctor oz show that it isn’t bad to crack your joints because you just hear the sound of the bone and the tissue being suctioned apart.. but it goes right back into place. o and I crack like all of my joints lol, I think I’m on my 7 years :D ahahaa

Answer #2

well, I’ve heard it could give you arthritis.. but I crack my elbows and knees and back, lol, and nothing has happened to me. I dont really know how to stop cause whenever I wake up and get out of bed, my elbows crack. and I have to crack my knees, or I get those litte kinks, like you can move your bones… its weird..

sorry, I dont have any advice on how to stop

Answer #3

Its okay. Thank You for your advice.

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