What will be the feeling after it?

Okay for some reason I’ve really been craving sex and I want to know if you did it premaritally would you feel kinda depressed after it? I dont really want to do it before marriage…but I cant help myself sometimes! So would you feel terrible after it?

Answer #1

Don’t do it if your beliefs are against it. You’ll regret it more than it’s worth. It’s the kind of thing that certain, truly religious people who I know have become nearly suicidal over.

Answer #2

lol I personally didnt think people did the premaritally thing. there is nothing wrong with doing it early. infact. sex can often make relationships stronger. the really only important thing. is who you do it with. if your gunna do it with someone you dont love. and you will regret it after. ofcause your gunna feel depressed. but if you do it with someone you love. with all your heart. it will definatly be worth it :) sex with a loved one can make you feel really happy. like you see in the movies where after a girl has sex. shes dancing around the house and humming music lol.

Answer #3

it really just depends on you and your morals. I like sex a lot and I started when I was 16 and to be honest with ya I dont regret it but if you have morals and you let your guard down it can change you. if you do it go into it with the thought that it is what you want

Answer #4

I honestly like sex a lot. if your having sex with someone you love after you feel extremly relaxed happy warm comfortable and just every good feeling in the world.

if you have it with someone you dont love then you wont feel any of that, and a tint of regret.

Answer #5

me personally I wish I would have waited, once you do it there is no going back

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