What, was this considered chaeting?

I have a boyfriend that im in love with. I was playing a game on the computer last night and I was sorta like messing/dirty flirting kinda with this guy that I didnt know just so he can give me coins on that gamee.. was it considered chaeting?

Answer #1

well I wouldnt consider it cheating as such but id get mad if my boyfriend did that and hurt maybe im easily hurt but its not a good thing to do

Answer #2

Not really.. no.

But next time your wondering, just flip the situation around. how would you feel if you found out your boyfriend flirted with some girl on a game.

Answer #3

You’re asking the question as if physically cheating with another boy were the only thing you could do wrong in a relationship. Let’s look at another example: If you were supposed to meet your boyfriend at a restaurant but you stayed and helped another boy with his math homework, leaving him to wait for you for two hours before you finally called him, would that be cheating? No, of course not. Should he dump your selfish butt for it? Damn right he should.

So no, you weren’t cheating, but yes, you were acting extremely selfishly and betraying the trust of your boyfriend. Talking dirty to someone for the reward of imaginary video game money is not behaving in a way that says you care for your boyfriend in the slightest.

Answer #4

well its not the right thing to do so just dont doi t again but its not cheating x

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