What video game effect do you want to see come alive?

I’m an amateur at video editing. So the question is…

…is there any videogame/ect effect you always wanted to see in a live action?

ex: final fantasy magic, lightsaber- I’ve done or am working on some at the moment

I’ll send you a message if I do make your suggestions. You can criticize if you want :P

Answer #1

HERE’S A CHALLENGE!! Try and make human hair as crazy and spikey as FF and KH (Final fantasy and kingdom hearts) But so it actually looks soft and silky (like the games), rather than glued up with hair gel. Now that’s an effect that would be awesome to see.

Answer #2

Alright I’ll go work on that, napalm-machinegun-fire missles-homing… the works

Answer #3

Twisted metal cars!!! Like making a destructive police car with a taser whirling around it!!!

Answer #4

that WAS a challenge! ok I’m not gonna argue with you anymore, cause I think those jugs are great.

Answer #5

funny, movie magic can actually make jugs look bigger XD I need a challenge :P

Answer #6

bouncing jugs from doa. can’t beat that!

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