What type of writing is easiest?

I keep asking question about writing and I just can never finish what I wanna do so I was wondering if anyone knows what the easiest type of writing is.

Answer #1

Personally, I prefer short stories. I usually chose a main character that relates to myself in some manner, a easy plot based off pure imagination mixed with something that relates to me, some nemesis/goal to overcome. This is a pretty standard form, but hey, I did that myself, and I decided that I would become a fiction writer.

The key is to write this when you are daydreaming, and are loath to let it go. Daydreaming about, lets say, getting out of the house - main character : you, goal : sneak out of house without parents nabbing you. Try it - well, that’s how I do it. See how it works for you.

Answer #2

Angsty, self pitying poetry. Hell everyone does it.

Answer #3

I mean like short storys, novels, poems or stuff like that

Answer #4

What do you mean ‘’type of writing’’…?

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