What type of people go to starbucks?

I am writting a communication plan if women should be allowed to breastfeed in starbucks. So I would like to know what type of people go to starbucks? Thanks

Answer #1

look people, dont you see what the world is becoming??? So many people are so stupid these days, dont look if you find it disgusting, its the natural NORMAL way to feed babies and t prevents them from getting asthma and has a high calcium level, Why are you even looking in the first place? Its not a choice!? Geez people your supposed to breastfeed, not give them formulas!! thats why breasts have milk in them when women are pregnant. What? are you suppossed to starve your baby. Sorry, im done ranting, im sorry if I offend anyone, it just hit a nerve, sorry people who buy coffee

Answer #2

All kinds of people go to starbucks. And I’m all for women’s lib and everything, but seriously, I dont see any reason one should breast feed in public. In this day breast feeding is a choice, and if you choose to do so, then do it in private. I dont need to see it, and neither does anyone else.

Answer #3

anyone. if you want to go to starbucks and breastfeed your child, go ahead! they should have no problem with it. if you want to go to starbucks and dance you should. so basically I think almost anyone.

Answer #4

anyone goes to starbucks.. but I guess breastfeeding is kind of a private thing..

Answer #5

pretty much every one and breast feeding is gross in public places

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