What type of makeup should I use?

Okay, so I have brown eyes and my makeup just seems to blend in and look dull… I dont wanna look all trampy or go overboard with it…so do you have any ideas on how I can make my makeup stand out? or even websites that can help?

Thanks a lot! :)

Answer #1

why dont you go have sombody do your make up and show you what would suit you? max factor do free make up lessons if you go and ask at the counter thats who I used to work for all the girls are realy good and they will be able to give you some idea’s on how to make the most out of yur eyes personally my tip is to use a higligther under your brow bone and the corners of your eyes, a neautral base and then put a golden brown toned shadow at the outer edges and under the eye like a liner..and blend well!! x

Answer #2

colours that will make your brown eyes stand out are blue and purple you could also try green, black and grey

Answer #3

If you want to make your look stand out, I suggest using tri-tone eyeshadows, and a slightly pink tinted lip gloss.

You can do a light blush to make your cheek bones stand out, but that really only works in a formal night setting.

I think they have a white shimmer type blush application that enhances cheekbones as well but look better in the day time rather than normal blush colors.

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