What type of make up/ piercing/ hair style look good on me?

Well :P… I wear lots of colorful eyeliners and eye shadows and you will never see me wear just black eyeliner without a color to it xD any new ideas what I should do?? I really like lip piercings but not so sure it would look good on me :/ for my hair I dunno watta do :P I really like the fringe on a scene hair style but I think it would look really weird on me XD.. well any tips on make up, hair style (color… dyes ect..) or piercings :D

thx!! :) Red Summer xxx

Answer #1

Pierce your nose! My friend did and it looks so cute!!

Answer #2

okee thx :)

Answer #3

im having the same problem. I want to get another lip piercing but im not sure where (spider, snake, or middle) nose is cute but I like the middle if it were to be peirced. for hair I think colour is ALWAYS good. right now mine is black purple and terquiose. but soon to be dreads and then its gonna be a little difficult to colour. good luck hunting. and dont worry because if you dont like it there is tons of ways to fix it. =]

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