What type of dog should I get?

I have been begging for 1 for 3 years and now I am getting 1 but I dont no what breed I should get I need 1 that stays small and that is friendly with cats


Answer #1

My friend has two Jack Russells who were brought up around cats, so learned to tolerate them. But I think it’s possible for a lot of breeds to get used to cats being around.

A Bichon is a really good natured dog to have, and I find them to be very playful. :)

Answer #2

I love all kinds of puppies! I have a teacup shih tzu and he’s very little and loves other animals. He’s very playful. I got him when he was very small, about 5 weeks old. And now he’s about 2 years old and he has never bit anyone including family and friends. So it’s all how you take care of them too. I agree with Lex Icon! Bichon doggies are adorable and playful! I also like Shih-Poo’s. They’re very little and just the cutest thing :)

Answer #3

I have a maltese. she is 8 pounds and won’t grow anymore. She is very friendly and loving.

Answer #4

a small one that is about the same size like a poodle(the small kind that goes in a purse)or a chihuahua. I have a a trained husky and she doesn’t even get tempted to chase cats.

Answer #5

Go to the AKC site and read up on all kinds of dogs…or go here…this site has the “good” and the “bad” of different breeds…Pick a breed, then click the “review” part… http://www.yourpurebredpuppy.com/dogbreeds/index.html

Most any puppy, who is raised with Kitties will get along with them…at least the ones inside their house…


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