What turns a girl on

what turns a girl on with out fingering them etc..

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what turns me on is kissing down the whole body avoiding my... and then making me beg for it and just nibbling of the ear and licking/sucking nipples stuff like that. I like to be teased. hope I helped

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I love the sucking on boobs, MAJOR turn on for me :) plus biting my neck, then again it does depend on the girl like me I love to bite, sometimes hard sometimes light, that makes me go CRAZY!!

Why is it a turn on for a guy for a girl to suck on his finger?
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to me it totally turns me on when he nibbles ans bites my ear and kisses my neck very sensualy ahhh just thinking of it turns me on lol

How do a guy turn on a girl?
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kissing her on the neck, licking/sucking on her nipples, kissing her passionately, touching her genlty on her back and upper back. depends on the girlk man

How do you turn on a girl haha im not used to it ...

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