What to say first

Last night my boyfriend ask me to talk dirty to him but I don’t now what to say What do I say first? How do I start the conversation off?

Please help me thans :d xx

Answer #1

Why do you feel like you have to do EVERYTHINGeveryone tells you to do? That kind of behavior is NOT a sign of affection. Your ONLY 14 years old. I think your boyfriend sees you as an object, not as a person. Save that kind of talk for your future husband, & not every horny boy who cant control his hormones!

Answer #2

YOU dont have todo it if you dont want to or feel uncofterble with the conversation..but if you do you should tell him things he wants to hear like whatyou going to do if he is a bad boy… LIke your going to suck him good :)

Answer #3

Yea. Just lie to him and tell him all of the things he’d want to hear. You can be in your bed with jeans, a huge t-shirt and granny panties but you should just tell him that youre lying in bed with just a thong on, under the covers, or something like that. Its all about mind control and telling him whatever sounds good at the moment.

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