What to do with a Lost Cat!

So I got home from work this morning and as I stepped out of my car this furry black cat came running up to me and started rubbing up on my legs wanting attention. Im not aloud to have animals in my condo, but the little guy followed me upstairs and when I opened my door he went running inside. I didnt have any cat food so I opened a can of tuna fish and let him eat it, he was starving. I called the humane society and they were closed for the next 4 days I called the veternary emergency to see if they had a number to call and they gave me a number which turned out to be closed. I had no other choice but to let it back outside because I had no litter box or pet food. What else could I have done with the cat, what would you have done??

Answer #1

I’m a sucker for stray anythings…cats included…You did right…you gave it food when it was hungry…since you’re moving, wait till Monday, and if it’s still there, take it to the shelter.


Answer #2

I felt horrible, I wanted to keep it but Im moving out in less than 30 days and also didnt have know what I would do with it, I hope it turned out ok. When I was trying to sleep I could hear it meow outside my window. :(

Answer #3

you did the right thing..but if can find the cat agin send it to a vet.. or give he/she a veternarian’s card..and a cell number as well

Answer #4

I hear many cats outside my house in the night…but I dont do nething cause..they are cats..they are like little tigers meow

Answer #5

cats are wonderful pets. and very, very easy to litterbox train. I you can’t keep it (I bet it will come back to your door) try a cat rescue agency. in my town we have the “house of mews” and they take only cats and are completely no kill. also, if the thought of this cat wandering around with no food and no shelter bothers you, you might get involved with an animal rights group that is trying to get mandatory spay/neuter laws in place. the more animals that are spayed/neutered, the less strays are out there and less kills are needed. my city alone kills 14,000 dogs and cats each year. I applaud you for your actions.

Answer #6

You want to be careful what shelter you take it to. Most aren’t no kill, and the cat is better off outside than in the shelter where it could be killed. If you have time look for a no-kill shelter, call the place up and make sure they’re no kill and then take it.

They sell boxes at petsmart or petco, since it came into your house it should be easy enough just to pick him up and put him inside (put the box on it’s side and then put the cat in, so by the time he rights himself you’ve got the door closed)

Funmail me if you have any questions (I just took in a stray)

If you like cats, you may want to consider taking the cat with you when you move?

Answer #7

may be takin it to a pet shop huh!…or slaughtering it(kidding)ooops

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